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What is Dash, the cryptocurrency that doesn't leave a trace?

Dash cryptocurrency has been around for a while now. It came out in 2014, during the maelstrom of altcoins: all of the digital currencies that were born to the "papa" Bitcoin and that attempt, through small improvements, to bring something unique to the table.

In the case of Dash cryptocurrency, the distinguishing characteristic that makes it especially appealing is its rapidity. Paying with Dash is most similar to using traditional currency: you take the bills out of your wallet, they"re authenticated, and your purchase is done.

It’s a currency that’s specially designed for everyday use. It wasn’t intended to be involved in major banking operations but, instead, as a currency that’s easily accessible to consumers.

Another strong point of Dash cryptocurrency is its anonymity. Every time someone uses a credit card or makes a bank transfer, not only is money moved, but all kinds of information is circulated regarding the person paying, where the money is going, at what interest, etc.

When you pay with Dash, all of the data generated by your purchase is mixed with that of other transactions made at the same time, virtually eliminating any trace. For example, it would be possible to pay for a flight with Dash without leaving a paper trail. It’s a great option when you want to surprise someone with an anonymous gift.

Dash cryptocurrency has undergone several name changes, which may lead to confusion. It was originally called Xcoin, but its creators didn"t care for that name. They renamed it Dark Coin, but the word "dark" made it sound illegal, which couldn"t be further from the truth. They finally settled on Dash (Digital Cash), and it has become one of the most important digital currencies on the planet. It"s a story well worth reading.

In a nutshell, the primary advantages of making purchases and payments with Dash cryptocurrency are:

  • Rapidity. Transactions are even faster than with conventional currency.
  • It"s nearly impossible to track a purchase made with Dash.
  • Accessibility. Its value is much more within reach than that of other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  • Reliability. The most important international firms accept payment with Dash.

How do you pay with Dash?

dash criptomoneda pagar con dash pagar con dash criptomoneda

In a nutshell, the primary advantages of making purchases and payments with Dash cryptocurrency are:

  • 1. You can choose your cryptocurrency before you start browsing so that all the prices will be indicated in that currency when you view information on flights and hotels, giving you a better frame of reference.
  • 2. Or you can browse the Destinia website as usual and once the time comes to pay, you will be asked for your preferred payment method: credit card, PayPal, altcoins, etc. You will then be redirected to the GoCoin payment gateway, where you will choose your preferred cryptocurrency, in this case, Dash. </p>

The best cryptocurrencies

Using cryptocurrency to make purchases on the Destinia website has more advantages than you think. One of the biggest ones is that, while the prices of trips rise and fall throughout the year, your money is always worth the same amount. However, you can purchase an altcoin at a certain price and, after a few months, your investment may have increased in value. What do we do with that extra value we obtain? Spend it at companies like Destinia that accept cryptocurrency.

Another advantage is that, if you"re looking to make a quick purchase, this payment method is your best option, as there"s no need for verification processes like using coordinate cards to validate a transaction or deciphering an IBAN to perform a bank transfer.

At Destinia, you can perform transactions using the best cryptocurrencies on the market:

  • Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency par excellence and the one that started it all. Its development has been so spectacular that it has made millionaires of those who gambled on it when it first appeared.
  • ETH. Ethereum features "smart contracts", which are automatically terminated if one of the parties fails to fulfil its obligations. It"s a full-fledged guarantee, offering the comfort of knowing that the payer will pay and that the seller will sell.
  • Dash. The quick, anonymous currency specially designed for everyday use. Transactions without a trace.
  • EOS. An ultra-rapid currency for performing large transactions without paying the commissions that drive prices up.
  • Litecoin. A clone of Bitcoin, using the same source code, but implemented to be up to four times as fast, as well as scalable.